Friday, June 18, 2010

Time for a commercial spot...

In August last year after finding and tumbling rocks as we traveled around the country, Dick decided he wanted to learn to wire wrap them. We also purchased some rocks that caught his or Jackie's eye.

Here are some of the results of teaching himself to wire wrap various stones in no order of projects.

This is a stone that Jackie picked out at a show in Quartzsite Arizona this year.

A purchased fossil from Morocco.

And another purchased stone; wish you could really see the beauty of this stone this time with gold filled wire.

An unusual shape that is quite difficult to form the sterling silver wire around.

A little fun with silver wire and beads on a polished chalcedony that we found in Arizona.

Just for fun Dick used copper wire on this Mastodon shark tooth.

Playing with some arrowheads.

It's time to try something new so he took a class at Quartzsite Arizona and produced this gold and silver bracelet.

Then using a friend's (Ray Howard) bracelet he made this one for Jackie. He has orders for this set but not sure what to charge for them, any ideas?

Using the basic design of the bracelet he designed the earrings and then the necklace. Guess who ended up with all of the pieces? (and is very proud to wear them and accept the compliments!)

He then designed this bracelet using all sterling silver. It is based on a bracelet that he saw and then modified the design to his liking. Deanna really liked this one when we were together in Las Vegas, in fact wearing it. (But Jackie made sure to get it back before they left!)

With the bracelet made he had to design a pair of earrings and then a necklace.
Guess who ended up with most of the pieces?

We can't forget the first contract job he did. Thanks Judi for letting me make these sets for your family and I hope they enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them for you.

This is just a sampling of the jewelry Dick has made. Jackie really can't wear it all, so if any catches your fancy. let us know. Maybe you can buy that one, or he can made you one like it. He still has the 38 lbs of petrified wood we collected and are tumbling to wire wrap!

That's all for now so stay tuned for pictures of Zion National Park where we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves and trying to stay cool.

To be continued...


Deanna said...

I am so impressed. And your photographs look great! You should poke around a bit and see what other people are charging.

I found this one you should make for Molly:[]=tags&includes[]=title

picinichml said...

I was going to suggest etsy too! I think they are beautiful!!!!! I especially love number 4!!

picinichml said...

Deanna, I love that unicon necklace. Dad, I wonder if you could make it without the horn though, just as a horse?

Dick & Jackie said...

Dad and I have already talked about that! Jackie

Alice said...

Beautiful stuff, almost as nice in your pics as in person! We found another cool "free" CG at the Crystal Mine in Kellogg, ID. The gift shop had pieces very similar to yours (almost as nice), asking $35. If you can find an outlet, you can make a bundle! LOL