Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our "vacation" to Washington State

Yes, we know, it’s been several weeks since we took the time to do a posting on our Blog. It’s not that we have been so busy, it just takes a lot of time to plan what to tell and show and to put it all together.

The last we posted we were on our Christmas trip back home to Washington State to visit all the family, and did we do that.

We started right off rushing to get our rental car and heading to Dick’s nephew’s home for a DRIVER family get together. They opened their home and kitchen to all the family and we had a wonderful time including lots of good eats. Thanks Dante and Shosh for hosting the family. We could post a dozen pictures from here but will keep it to just three including a family shot.

Lots of good food and family.

And finally a long past due family photo. Sorry Uncle Dave that you had to stay and work on the boat, we missed you.

After the party we spent a few days visiting with Debbie and Rich at their home in Olympia, which included a day trip back to Seattle to visit the Museum of Flight, where Debbie got to fly a fighter jet and…

Dick got to take a walk in space.

What a spectacular museum with planes on the floor, ceiling and outside plus lots of other unique airplane related displays. If ever in Seattle we would recommend a trip to visit here.

Then it was off to visit with Deanna and Darin including Christmas with them and two of our grandchildren. While there we took in the Christmas light display at Warm Beach Park, a private Christian camp. Lots of beautiful lighted displays, a talking tree, carolers, pony rides and fresh donuts.

The lights depicting the mountains stood about 25' tall; what a display.

Before we headed North to visit Deanna and Darin, Jackie’s brother Brett and his wife Kate hosted a Christmas gathering with dinner for Jackie's side of the family (COOK). It was a real treat to see all her family many of whom we have not visited with in a long, long time.

It's fun to watch second cousins see each other for the first time. We wonder what they are thinking. The one on the left, Jackie's niece's daughter, is actually older than the one on the right, Deanna's daughter. She may be tiny, but she's tough, or so we're told. Those two had fun together and so did the other second cousins. Too bad they live so far apart.
And yes another family picture to share.

Then it was off to Michelle and Jason's for a few days to spend some time with more of our beautiful grandchildren.
A fun time rocking to tunes in the basement.

Well we got 5 of the 6 grandkids. Daisy was standing next to Dick taking her own pictures with her new camera. We also got to see Molly, our oldest granddaughter, ride her horse, but no pictures of that. She is quite the horsewoman.
We headed back to Jackie's brother's for 2 days and then back to the airport and a plane ride back to Arizona.
Thanks to all for sharing your time and families with us. We continue to miss you all but it is a lot warmer here.
We spent a week or so in Casa Grande after our return and are now in the center of the universe in Quartzsite Arizona soaking up lots of sun with a great group of people (the Montana Owners). Lots of beautiful sunrises and sunsets to share but that will have to wait for another posting.

Love to all and
to be continued...

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Jen said...

Thanks for the updates on your travels! I was missing you guys.