Sunday, January 30, 2011

S O B in the desert

After Christmas it was back to Casa Grande for a few days to re-provision the rig and then off to Quartzsite Arizona on the 12th of January to meet up with our friends in the Montana Owners Club, most of whom still have Montana 5th wheels. Because we are still members, we are allowed in the circle and don't count as SOBs (some other brand). We set up camp out in the desert in a 420' circle with about 60 other rigs.

Circling around our camp in the morning and evening were some of our neighbors with ultralites that could sail above us with cameras. After taking pictures of our camp they came over and presented us with a series of great aerial shots.

A view of our camp and motor home group camped near us. Also scattered around the desert are small groups and individual campers. This is just one very small area of campers on BLM land. Quartzsite is the Mecca for RVers in January with thousands of trailers, 5th wheels and motorhomes camped out in the desert, enjoying the RV show, gem and mineral show, and lots of vendors of all sorts of things. RVers can find nearly everything they need or want.

Dick took some liberties and filled in 3 or 4 open sites with a little photo shop to form a full circle of Montana's and a few SOB's (Some Other Brands).

Dick got up early (1 day) and got the morning sunrise from our rig. (Actually Jackie got Dick up as she was leaving for her daily walk with several other friends from the circle.) It was a great place to get our daily exercise and enjoy the quiet of the desert.

And in the evening we shared happy hour with about 120 other people while we watched the sunset about the time a campfire was started in the center of the circle.

We watched the full moon rise in the East over the flags flown from all the rigs.

What a sight to see just after watching the sunset and turning around to watch this sight.

Great time with great people, some new friends and lots of old ones.

A view from outside the circle with some of our flags flying.

and a shot of a portion of part of the inside of the circle. From Plomosa Road one could see all our flags flying and know right where the Montana group was.

Dick spent 2 hours riding a quad with a friend in and out of the washes and had a ball. He wants to do it every day but we don't have a quad and we don't have a way to haul one (or two) around.

We had to move out of the circle to another site because our 14 days were up but we went back to travel to the Desert Bar about 5 miles out in the desert with about a dozen other rigs. This is quite a unique place to visit and our 3rd time there. We got to dance to a live band, had lunch and took a few pictures and then back to our dusty, dirty car.

Our last shot done in Black and White of the solid steel construction of this building made as a tribute to the owner's father.

We will spend another few days here and then head to a campground that has all the water we can use to take some very long showers, full hook-ups, and we'll try and clean out the dust from everything. After that we head for the US side of the Mexican boarder and hope to cross over and get some fresh shrimp and cold Margaritas.
To be continued...


picinichml said...

riding quads is soooo much fun! I'd love to have 3 of them so we could all go out. Nothing like big kid toys, right!!

Brink and Sue said...

Sounds like lots of fun. You used to have a fifth wheel and just wondering what caused you to switch to the motorhome instead?

Nita said...

Nice pictures! It was so nice meeting you both as well as your adorable pup, CC! Dick, I need lessons on how to do Photo Shop! Love it!