Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall colors in Maine

Every place we have been in the last year or so we have been told that it's hotter than usual or wetter or drier than every year.  When we finally got to Maine to see the fall colors the message we received was that you should have been here last year to see the great foliage colors.

We did a lot of looking and here are a series of some of the pictures we got of the colors of New England, so just enjoy some of what we saw.

No color here, just the sun shining on the a small bay in Maine.

To be continued...


Debbie said...

Beautiful! I think the fall colors are pretty amazing. Hope you two are having fun!

Kathy said...

Your Fall Colors look wonderful to me! I especially love the maples! Last year in New England,they started early, in September and were quite red!
Little did we know we had to stick around until the middle of October! HA!
Good thing you got those pics when you! Looks rather stormy for a couple days up there!
Happy Trails

sachin bani said...
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