Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Connecticut and Pennsylvania

Off to CT to visit more friends in Milford; thanks Barb and Dave for your hospitality.  No RV parks in the area so we just parked in the local Walmart parking lot off in a corner for 3 days and spent some wonderful time with them.  One day they took us on a day trip to the campus of Yale University and while there we visited Beinecke Rare Book Library housed inside a building made of thin marble so the light actually penetrated it.  Inside was a glass encased room housing all the rare books.  Quite an interesting design.  The public is not allowed inside the glass but you can have the books brought out to you for research.  If you are interested in more details about this library go to

Outside Dick had to set the pose as "the thinker", really lame, but that's Dick.

Now this is a lot better with the two of us.

We had a long day touring Yale and stopping for pizza in town.  On another day they took us to Weir Farm National Historic Site.  Weir Farm National Historic Site was home to three generations of American artists. Julian Alden Weir, a leading figure in American art and the development of American Impressionism, acquired the farm in 1882. After Weir, the artistic legacy was continued by his daughter, painter Dorothy Weir Young and her husband, sculptor Mahonri Young, followed by New England painters Sperry and Doris Andrews. Today, the 60-acre farm, which includes the Weir House, Weir and Young Studios, barns, gardens, and Weir Pond, is one of the nation’s finest remaining landscapes of American art.

The house is currently being brought back to what it was when the Weirs lived there. 

Departed CT and off to PA where our first stop had to be Ephrata, PA.  Being we are from Ephrata, WA, we just had to see this town.  Quite a bit larger than our Ephrata.  We still wore our Ephrata Tigers tee shirts and people stopped us and informed us that Ephrata was not the Tigers.  Most were interested to hear that there is another Ephrata, even though we pronounce it differently.

Looking down through town.  A really pretty small town with very friendly folks.

Then it was off to visit the Hershey Chocolate Company.  We took a tour of a mockup factory and then the store with all the chocolate one could want.  But we were good -- we only bought postcards and one small candybar to share.

Looking down on just a small part of the store.

We also had to check out some of the covered bridges in the area.  Of course we did this in the jeep, not taking the Motorhome through.

And one last view of the fall colors.

To be continued...


guy said...

Boy if it was me there would have lots more than one candy bar left there!! We are getting settled here in Yuma. Lots of things to do to get all set up for the winter. We did have one rainy night the other day but it is back to the 70's now and rather nice. Still have the dish system to get going as well as a new Dish hardrive as the old one had a failure. Not sure about a sig as kind of blocked to the south....Oh yes Deanna if you email me I'll send some Daisy pictures..There was a bike race near here today (the local hams were running communications) and made me think about Deb & Rich. and HI to Michelle and her bunch tooooo.
There a note to the whole durn bunch. Keep in touch Dick and Bro and bride

Kathy said...

We were so frustrated with CT not having RV parks last year!
Managed to find a grocery store under construction, so the parking lot was empty and parked the beast.
We joined friends for lunch near Avon, CT!! I wanted to see a lot more! Did find a KOA in MA, so we could explore around there. Kept looking for Martha Stuart's home. :)

Grant's Mom has a covered bridge right beside her property in Johnstown, PA. My Dad's "covered bridge" painting is hanging in her living room!

Have a safe trip!