Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birds of the Everglades NP #2, Slough Slog

As promised, our Blog takes us back to the Birds of the Everglades National Park #2 where we got up early in the morning one day to find Eco Pond where we had been told there are lots of birds in the mornings.  About 25 miles from our camp we had to stop at another pond where we found it mostly full of birds searching for breakfast.

What a sight to see and what a smell. We took a few pictures here as the sun was in the wrong position and could not get the results that Dick wanted, so it was off to Eco Pond.

When we finally found Eco Pond with an island in the middle and a trail around the perimeter, it was also full of birds of all description.  What a rare opportunity to see and shoot a sight like this.

So many birds it was hard to isolate and shoot a single bird, but Dick did get a few of them on film (digital).  We could just hear this Roseate Spoonbill saying "OK I am looking now shoot".

This cute little Black-Necked Stilt kept saying "please take my picture", so we did.

Dick got lots of pictures of the Spoonbills so we could dedicate them to our Montana RV friends, Charlie and Nila who collect Flamingo items; well these are close, as they are all pink.

Spoonbill and Snowy Egret complete with reflections.

And a Spoonbill in flight, wow what a sight with a 50" wingspan and about 32" long.

Story time again: while walking along a trail we found this guy resting just out of the water and about 3' from the edge of the trail.  Dick thought he must be asleep so if he kneels down he will get a good shot at a very low angle rather than shooting down like all the other pictures.

Dick was keeping one eye on the view finder and the other open and watching the gaiter while down on both knees about 3' in front of this guy.  Dick was really quick to shoot the shot and get the heck out of there when he noticed the gaiter caulking his back leg to spring. 

Another day another interesting hike in the Everglades.  We want to say swamp but there is no swamp here, just very slow moving water.  There is only a 14" drop in elevation from the top of the park to the Gulf of Mexico.  The Ranger led tour is called a Slough Slog.  We signed up and off we went with a few other people.  The only requirements were tied shoes, long pants and the ability to hike about a mile in water and very soft surface.  Our objective was to hike out to the hammock full of trees and water.

The closer we got the deeper the water got, but only about 12" deep in the deepest areas.  What a beautiful place to see what nature has offered for us to view.

Every place you looked the trees are filled with air plants.

Got a smile from Jackie to share with our friends. 

One last picture to share is one of the many air plants just starting to bloom.  We feel very fortunate to be able to share this beautiful place with you, so hope you enjoy.

On the 11th of this month we shared a very special date between us, our 35th wedding anniversary. and to those who wished us Congratulations on our Facebook pages we want to thank you all.  We celebrated with friends (thanks Ronda & Bruce) by going to the Strawberry Festival and seeing Reba McIntyre in concert.  Had cheap seats (free, actually, with admission to the festival), but enjoyed the concert immensely.
To be continued...

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