Saturday, March 24, 2012

This one is for you, Charlie & Nila

We thought we had finished with birds but we visited the Sarasota Jungle Gardens and just had to do one more blog with birds and dedicate this one to Charlie and Nila, friends from Michigan.  Remember, they are the couple who has this "thing" for Pink Flamingos.

This was a beautiful Garden with lots of rescue animals from around the world, but the most fun was being able to feed and touch these magnificent large birds.  We came around the bend to find a flock of them waiting to have their picture taken (and be fed by the visitors).

And these two preening their feathers so they looked pretty for us (and you).

All you had to do was open the bag of feed and here they come.

One eating from her hand and one picking up what was being dropped.

With a beak like this it was hard for them to get but a couple of pieces at a time.

Dick got a chance to feed a few.

"You think I am sleeping but I am really watching you, watching me."

Nap time for most and while they are at it why not do it on one leg.

Our last and final picture of a Brown Pelican.

As we walked by this Laughing Gull it would not fly away so you know what we had to do.

The same thing with this Common Moorhen.

Enough for the birds, we'll switch to a very beautiful tree that we found all over the place.  We decided that this is called Bottle Brush and it has a very delicate series of red flowers.

And finally we had to share this guy towing his own personal toilet holding tank rather than a complete RV.  Well we thought it was funny.

To be continued...

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Charlie&Nila said...

Thanks for all the nice pictures. Those guys look a lot better than our flamingos