Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back at Arches

Going back to the month of September finds us back at Arches National Park for the 3rd year as campground hosts.  We arrived late August and moved into the site 34 that is a regular dry camping site until the we could move into site 35 that was for the host that had power (solar) water and sewer.  We moved on the 1st of the month and got settled and ready to start our volunteer duties.

Shortly after we arrived the other host had a disagreement with management and walked off the job leaving us with no relief.  The next day a camper asked "how do you get a job like this" and we said "do we have a deal for you".  We had him contact our boss and in a few short days he was the replacement host.  He worked a week allowing us time off to play and then the host that was to start the 1st of October came 2 weeks early so we did not have to work but a few extra days.  We now have over 1500 volunteer hours each at National Parks.

I need to thank our new friends in the tent for taking this picture and sharing it with us.  This is our site with lots of room to relax.

A few shots of the campground showing the beauty of this park.  Look close and you can see the rainbow.

Another evening shot with the glow off the red rocks in the campground.

More of the same.  This shot being just behind one of the campsites where the kids like to play in the huge sandbox.

We had a walk-in couple one day that asked if we had any sites available, we usually don't.  As it turned out we had a site right next to us and gave it to them for 7 days.  Talk about an excited couple.  As it turned out we had the extreme pleasure of getting to know them and sharing several evenings and meals.  We also took them on some special hikes in the park. 

We  got together for a nice meal in town when they came back through Moab the day we left Arches.  Here is a big thank you to Adrienne and Vittorio for sharing your time with us and your excellent cooking skills.  I am sure we have new friends for life.  And here is a picture of the two love birds under broken arch on our way to...

Magic Mystery Bridge, one of the hikes we shared with them. 

Not sure why we added this picture as it's just about the same as the one above.  Oh well, one with people and one without.

Another day the four of us headed out to try and find another special place in the park.  The two of us tried and failed to find our way last year into Winter Camp Wash.  With a little more searching and trying another route we found how to get down into the wash. 

Someone years ago carved these steps into the side of the rock and it's the only way down.  Okay we
never got the shot while going down but did get one on the way out.

For those who know Arches you know that there are two places to see Delicate Arch: they are hiking to the arch or hiking to the Delicate Arch viewpoint.  Very few people know how to get to the wash below both locations where you can hike up to the vertical wall just behind the arch.

We now have pictures from all three locations.

And at the base of the wall Dick spent a half hour just picking up...

 a little of the trash that people had dropped over the side.  Over 40 plastic bottles, hats and camera parts.

On our first day off the two of us decided to enter a less traveled area of the park and headed out from Courthouse wash to see if we could find Ring Arch.  We had to walk around the end of this huge wall of stone.  Can you find Dick in the picture?

It was a very hot day so we decided not to hike all the way across the flats to get close to the arch.  There is one place in the park that you can see this from the road but it's a long way off.

That kinds of wraps up a month at Arches for this year and it looks like we will be back there for March and April next year.  It will be a lot cooler for hiking and we are excited to find new and different places and arches to see.

To be continued...


Charlotte said...

Love reading your BLOG!

Kris said...

I just moved from Utah to Virginia last year, but spent decades in Utah, including hanging at some of the wonderful spots you've shown. I'm really enjoying reading!