Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lower Antelope slot canyon, Page Arizona

The plan was to post a blog about our month-long stay at Arches National Park as camp hosts and then another one with some pictures of our last few days dry camping at Goosenecks State Park in Utah, but they will both have to come later because  we just checked off another bucket list item today and we wanted to share it with you.
There are two well known slot canyons near Page Arizona on the Navajo Reservation.  Both called Antelope Canyon but we decided to visit the lesser known (and less expensive) or lower Antelope Canyon where there is a lot less people and you can pay to stay down and photograph for 2 hours.  We went in at 11:00 AM, Jackie went with the tour and Dick came out a little after 1:00.  He took 290 pictures but for the most part it was just a little under 100 as he set his camera to bracket so with every click he got 3 identical pictures.  One was a normal exposure and then one each over and under exposed just to make sure he was able to catch the reflective light in the canyon.
Jackie was the last of the party to slip into the slot and head down.  The remaining pictures don't need any verbage so we hope you enjoy them as much as Dick enjoyed taking them.  They are in the order as we progressed through the canyon.  At some places there was more light or we turned a corner so the direction of the light changed.  No pictures have been altered and are just as the camera picked up the reflecting light an the rock walls.  The closer you get to the top the more of the yellow would pop.
In some pictures you can see the floor of the cavern that was as narrow as the width of your shoe.  The walls did taper out so you could get through.  As we progressed through the canyon we encountered more and more steps going down and finally at the end we had to hike up several stories worth of metal steps to get out.  Dick wanted to turn around and walk back through in case he missed any spots that needed more pictures taken, but he climbed the steps as Jackie was waiting at the car.


This shot with Jackie in it gives you some idea of the height of the slot

To be continued...


BuckMountain said...

Loved the pictures. Just put it on our bucket list. Hope to get there next May when we drive back to Florida from Orcas Island WA.

RegWood Johnson said...

We loved the pictures, they are great! Looks like your enjoying yourselves, hope to see you next summer at Haviland!

Debbie said...