Wednesday, May 1, 2013

North Ranch SKP park and Arizona desert

Yes, we know, it's been awhile so here goes with a more pictures to keep you happy.
Lets back up and at least tell you where we have been the last several months.  November was spent in Pahrump visiting family and sharing Thanksgiving with them.  Then a week or so in Vegas.  Most of December was visiting friends in Yuma, thanks Joy and Mel for the great stay and sharing your Christmas with us.  It was then off to Quartzsite for most of January with friends, camping at two different locations.
But the big news is that in mid February we purchased a lot at North Ranch Escapees Rainbow Park just 4 miles south of Congress Arizona.  We will use this as a jumping off place in the winter to visit a lot of central and southern Arizona.  It's only 100 miles from Quartzsite and about 200 to Yuma and about 135 miles to Tucson.  While the park is in the middle of nowhere there is a lot to see and do in the area (read:  rockhounding and photographing). 
It's tight but we can get a second rig where our jeep is parked for short stays and can run  30 amp, water and can use our Sewer Solution for dumping, so come visit us, RVing friends!

We did a few thing around the property to make it ours and feel more like home, but most of the landscaping was done by previous owners.  Guess that's part of why we purchased it.

It's nice to finally get Dick's rocks out of the basement of the rig and into the shed, must be 500 pounds lighter.  We got all settled with a barbecue and camping chairs and then... started to snow.  Must have stuck around for all of 2 hours and then it was gone.

Lots to see in the area and here is just a picture of the hills with lots of Saguaro Cactus.

Spring finally came to the desert so Dick had to get some pictures to share.

These are Easter cacti.

This Saguaro in the park is estimated to be over 400 years old.  That's a little older than Dick who just celebrated his 70th Birthday.

Love the contrast between the red and shades of green and yellow.

Spring in the desert is beautiful with an unbelievable range of colors.


Just about made this guy into pizza but he stopped on the other side of the road to check us out.

This was our first guest that came to visit.

And this was our first overnight guests that came to visit all the way from the big apple.  Andrienne and Vittorio, thanks for sharing your time with us and hope to see you again real soon.

To be continued...


Deanna said...

Love that your friends wore matching shirts too! Congrats on the new property. Now blog more regularly, please. :)

Jen said...

Good to hear from you guys again!

Rich Izzi said...

Great pics. Hope we can get together in 2014 for some dry camping.

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