Saturday, May 25, 2013

Still heading north, Arizona to Utah to Idaho

We are still heading North but taking our time and trying to remember that we are still professional tourists not just travelers.  After our last blog we spent one night at Chinle Arizona and then to Goosenecks State Park in Southern Utah where we spent 3 nights 1000' above the San Juan river.  Dick was not able to to get the coach and the river in one frame.
 He did get a picture from inside the coach looking down where you can see the river on the right and left of this shot.

Looking over the edge we saw a lot of trash that, let us say, blew over the edge.  Dick got out our ladder to go over the edge with garbage bags and cleaned up most of the area that he could safely do.  He needed to take a break and view the boats on the river.  If you go back to the first picture you can see where he went over the edge.  Or not.

Taking a ride one day in Glenns Canyon National Recreation Area near Goosenecks we got to a point where we were sure there was not a road.  Can you find our Jeep in the lower right corner?  We did make it to the end of the road about 15 miles to a beautiful small spring and valley.

A view of Monument Valley Arizona/Utah off in the distance.

From Goosenecks State Park we headed to Horsethief Campground on BLM property just outside of Canyonlands National Park.  We spent 3 nights there dry camping, rockhounding, visiting friends in the area and playing tourist.  A view looking down into the canyon.

A little away from the edge to get a shot of us for our kids.

From Moab area we headed to southern Salt Lake City because we had electrical problems with the Coach.  We contacted GENERAL RV CENTER Draper Utah and they told us they would would find a way to check out our problem the next morning (Friday).  We figured that they would have to order parts and we would be stuck there for a week or more.  They did a great job finding and fixing our problem in a little over an hour and it cost us less than $150.   Great job General RV center.
We got out of there in time to travel over 200 miles to find our favorate camp site empty and waiting for us.  We stayed 5 nights at Angel Creek campground in the Ruby Mountains.  Just a beautiful place to sit and relax before heading North again.

From there we needed to dump tanks and do laundry so we headed to Hagerman Idaho where we spent two nights and did a little sightseeing.  We decided to take a ride at this park that was just being completed.  Dick on the horse...

And Jackie decided to ride one of the sheep.

To be continued...


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Thanks for the pics and memories. havent been in that area for years and it is so gorgeous.
Donna W

Catherine said...

Wonderful post, thank you so much !