Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring in the orchards of Capitol Reef National Park

It's only been a year since we posted a blog but now that we are campground hosting for four months at Capitol Reef National Park (mid March to mid July) it's time to do a few postings and share some of the beauty of this park.

The first thing, we ran across several herds of mule deer roaming through the orchards and the campground.  Also lots of wild turkeys roam around here day and night.

Looking down on the two host sites in the campground when things are just starting to bloom.  What great views we have.  We are the one on the left.
One of the orchards next to the campground starting to bloom.
More and more blooms every day.

And then the sun came out for a few days before the wind and snow.

And then a little snow during the night.
Started with a deer and will finish this blog with another one trying to decide if he/she wants to go up the trail.  Look close.
To be continued:


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