Monday, April 11, 2016

River Ford to Bentonite Hills, Capitol Reef National Park

Another day off from volunteering and after a hike this morning we headed to the Fremont River where we had to make a crossing in the truck.  The park ranger said it was only 16" deep if you found the right path and did not get into the deeper area.  The river is muddy so you could not see the bottom but we made it.  Along the way we did some rock hounding and found some white and red agates, just a few.

This picture was on the crossing on the way back but it was still a little scary as we could not see the bottom or the larger rocks.  As you can see we had quite a distance to go up the river before we could climb out again.  I tried to get Jackie to stay on one side and take pictures and I would come back for her.  That was not about to happen so you only get this shot.

It was a sunny day with lots of clouds and rain in the far distance.  The road was a narrow dirt and then rocky but when we started to climb the Bentonite Hills it turned into a spectacle of color.  Here are a few shots taken as we crossed over the hill.   The pictures do not give it justice.

On the way back we found a watering area for the cattle and this old truck buried in the sand.
Oops, looks like I got our truck in the picture.  Can you see it?

To be continued...

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Glenn Blount said...

Good to meet you when we camped in our truck camper last weekend at the park. Love seeing the different trails you are hiking and driving. Amazed at your daring to cross the river. Will be checking in with your blog for future hikes and other travels. We haven't posted about our SW Utah stops yet as we've been without internet for over a week:)