Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Camping and rockhounding Green River Utah

Last week we had 5 days off from our camp host duties at Capitol Reef National Park so we headed out for a camping trip 10 miles north of Green River Utah at Lower Gray Canyon Camp ground.
We set up at about the only site that we could fit into right on the river.

We had a beautiful view from all directions.  The weather was in the low to mid 80s and our solar worked 100%.  A fire in the evening with roasted marshmallows over the hot coals was great. 
We spent 3 days just out in the desert and here are a very few of the things that we found out there.
Like cactus blooming in several colors.
Fields and fields of orange flowers with the snow capped mountains in the distance.

One little patch of yellow flowers trying to grow and stay alive in the red rock.
Strange looking red rock formations.

Little flowers growing up through the agates.
A view across a deep and wide desert valley.  I think Dick is standing a little close to the edge.  Good shot Jackie.
One of the reasons for the trip was to find some pretty rocks so off we went hiking into the desert and with luck we found several areas where we could collect agate and a little jasper.  This is what it looks like sitting on the ground ready to be picked up.  White and red along with lots of clear with and without bright red drops called pigeon blood.
Picked up some large pieces of agate to share with my sister and her husband,  Try and put one of these in a bowl on your kitchen counter.  They are shown sitting on our tailgate.
and here is what it looks like back home washed off and spread out on the picnic table.

Another batch

And a little jasper on the left next to some more agate.
To be continued...

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