Friday, December 12, 2008

Joshua Tree and Coachella Preserve California

This is a Joshua tree. On our drive through Joshua Tree National Park, we stopped several times to enjoy the beauty of the desert. This is a "high" desert area and the foliage is very different from the "low" desert areas. It was warm, but not as warm as the Desert Hot Springs area where we camped. And at night this time of year the temperature drops quite low.
Dare-devil Dick climbed up on the rocks by our picnic spot at Joshua Tree.
More Joshua trees and rocks -- can you see the climber in the distance? Because we were there mid-week, we didn't see too many rock climbers, but we understand that the park is full of them on the weekends!

The Coachella Preserve is just down the road from the park where we are staying (Desert Pools in Desert Hot Springs). We took one of their trails and it was very interesting.

Think the palms are large? We were impressed!

Artist Dick finding an interesting shot of the sun on this palm.

The reflection of the palms in the pond was interesting.

Which way is right?
We are without WiFi and Cell phone at our present location so have to walk up the hill to send this. We will be back in full control next Wednesday when we return to Desert Hot Springs.
To be continued....

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