Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Red rock canyon Nevada...

From Las Vegas we made a day trip to Red Rock Canyon. We saw this area over 30 years ago, but has it ever changed! There is now a highway to the area, and a road through it with places to pull over, trails, etc. 30 years ago it was just a dirt road out in the desert that we found by accident. Sure wish we still had the old pictures.
Your job with this picture is to count how many people are on the face of the mountain. We counted 10 in this one. This picture is for Darin and Deanna who used to rock climb.

Guess who?

As Dick said again today, "I'm continually amazed at the work of Mother Nature". This is another awe-inspiring area. Not sure where the water comes from to grow the bushes shown in this picture.

We could walk all over this area and every turn be another distinct and different view. A little hazy on this side of the valley.

Everywhere we looked we found climbers. Not for us; we were happy to walk a trail.

Check out the distinct red across the face of this mountain, wow, what beauty.

We ran across this van and just had to get a picture. Some day they will want to trade it in and are they going to have fun getting all those stickers off!

Sorry to end this Blog on a sad note. The road through the park was all one way and was 17 miles with cars, bikes and walkers the full length. It's a heavily used park and enjoyed by many. The day we where there we counted over 20 motorcycles racing through the park. It was a wonder that they never killed anyone. Five miles from the exit we came around the bend and all traffic came to a halt. Dick walked down to talk to the Park Ranger and tell him about the road race through the park that day. The Ranger indicated to him that this is a problem and the reason for the helicopter was to fly off one of the bikers that never made it around a corner.

Three miles down the road was another biker being arrested. Sorry to see anyone hurt but maybe those idiots will realize that the road is not made for their abuse.

To be continued...


Debbie said...

that is a kind of a sad story Dad. I'm amazed at how, generally, motorcyclists think they have 9 lives. I see so many weaving in and out of traffic and just riding w/ risky behavior. When things like this happen you just hope those left behind will start acting more responsibly.

Anonymous said...

I witnessed something very similar 2 years ago when I was picking up the kids from summer camp. Same scenario... bikers racing around the corner and one flew right over the edge.
That sounded like such a great day trip too.

Deanna said...

Daisy and I were cuddled up in our warm PJs this morning jealous of the shot of you in shorts!