Friday, November 28, 2008

Las Vegas by day and night

We had to go to Las Vegas to get some warranty work done on our home so we stayed at Sams Town, about 6 miles from the strip. We used public transportation (free) to get around town and also found an easy way to get to the strip and park so we also used that. Let us tell you the drivers in Las Vegas are brutal and we don't want to have to drive around that city again. (They seem to think a yellow light means gun it so you can get through the intersection, even if you are the second car back!)

Our first outing was to Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas and it comes alive at night. This is the "old" part of Las Vegas.

The streets for about 3 blocks are covered with an interesting roof.

But then at night the ceiling is a backdrop for a light show every hour, which when combined with the music is very dramatic. The next couple of pictures capture a portion of this.

The inside of one of the downtown casinos. The waitress was walking around the machines at the right and when she saw us taking the picture she backed up, stopped and smiled. (Happy to pose.)

New York, New York Casino on the strip. The red is a roller coaster on top of the buildings.

This is a closer look during the day and...

about the same shot at night.

The Excaliber Casino on the strip at night:

And the Paris Casino.

The spectacular fountain display (to music) at the Bellagio. We were on the walkway to the casino when the show began, and had a perfect view.

The atrium at the Bellagio was decorated for fall.

A closer look at the big guy. This was just a small sample of the decoration that they had in the huge area.

Some of the other casinos had already decorated for Christmas, which was beautiful, but because we were there before Thanksgiving, we really appreciated the fall decorations.
We had planned to spend just a couple of days in Las Vegas while we had the 5th wheel worked on, but found there was so much to see and do that we ended up spending five days. We did gamble a little, but mostly just loved the site-seeing and people watching. Dick put a dollar in a machine and it gave him $50.00 back, he ran it down to $45.00 and cashed out. We went to see "Momma Mia" at the Mandalay Bay Casino -- it was great! Our time in the big city was fun, but we were ready to head on and get back to the "country".
To be continued....


Debbie said...

I'm not a big fan of Las Vegas but if I had a set up like you did, where I could leave the strip, have a car to get out of town, and had a fantastic camera- I think I'd like it.

I miss you guys! It's getting tougher with the holidays upon so keep up these blogs! said...

Found this post on Google blog search for Las Vegas. Enjoyed the post and the great pictures! Even in the tough economy, plenty of people continuing to enjoy Las Vegas and glad to see you are among them.

Thanks again,

Ted Newkirk
Managing Editor
Las Vegas News Reviews