Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ghosts, art and a big hole in the ground

Just before the ghost town, Rhyolite, was an outdoor artist's display. These resin ghosts really caught our eyes. This is all out in the desert near Death Valley and miles and miles from anything except rocks, sand and sage brush.
He wanted to go for a bike ride, but had two flat tires!
The "Last Supper".

And a mosaic bench. The next couple of pictures give a close-up view.

CC was ready to take a nap on this nice warm bench.

The Ubehebe Crater at Death Valley.

The land around the crater was actually growing something!

Scotty's Castle at Death Valley.

And for Dicks brother; I guess there are places on earth that have more rocks than your yard. :>)

This was a good time of year to visit Death Valley. We spent three days there and still didn't see it all, so plan to go back later and maybe camp there so we don't have to spend so much time getting back and forth. (Last night we met a couple who were there in March and talked about how beautiful the flowers were. Of course, by November the flowers were all gone!)
To be continued...

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Deanna said...

Love that mosaic bench.