Saturday, November 8, 2008

Newberry Springs California...

We left Redding California and continued south to Fresno and spent two nights there; nothing exciting and no pictures. We found we have a problem with the frame on our rig so decided we wanted to get it fixed in Nevada, so departed Fresno and headed south and then west.

We found a listing for a park in, of all places, a place called Newberry Springs, California. It was 5 miles off the highway in the desert. But it did advertise that it had two lakes. Sounded good to us at about $10.00 per night and two lakes.

When we finally got there, we pulled in to find a large hole in the ground with a bridge over it. Going further inside we did find a small "pond" so found a spot and hooked up. It turned out to be an okay spot because we only planned on spending one night.

This was our first stop that we found palm trees, a little short but still a palm tree.
When we arrived at the park there was not anyone around but we did have 3 greeters. One actually came up and tried to bite us.

When we left the next day we went to see the annual Newberry Springs pistachios festival in town. Town turned out to be a community center, an American Legion hall and a post office. It was an interesting visit. Here is one of the pistachio orchards. The festival was a gathering of several booths with people selling mostly imported items. Several had pistachios for sale, so we bought a bag. But the most interesting booth was selling memberships for a camping club -- a nudist camping club! They said we were welcome to come visit anytime!!!

Walking around the RV park the owner did plant some gardens and it was fun to see all the cactus plants.

Interesting way to recycle the empty bottles.

Next stop Nevada and family.
To be continued...


michelle said...

Hmmmm. Good to know that cacti and beer bottles are the only things that grow in the desert.

Jen said...

Glad the goose didn't actually bite you!