Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quiz answer...

Here is the answer to our Blog question the other day. This is the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Their description of the art is:

"Upon entering our extraordinary Las Vegas hotel, you'll be extended a gracious greeting by 2,000 dynamic hand-blown glass flowers peering from high above their spectacular ceiling stage. Allow your senses to take flight as your gaze ascends to appreciate this vivid piece of creative expression commissioned by world-renowned artist, Dale Chihuly. This piece de resistance is the quintessential complement to the welcoming lobby awaiting your arrival."

Again here is a closer look at the detail.
Thanks for looking and to be continued...

Just an FYI, we are in Desert Hot Springs, California. Since our last Blog we have traveled from Nevada to California to Arizona to California to Arizona and again into California. Did I mention we also traversed the Mojave desert twice, once each way? We still have Las Vegas and Arizona to catch up with in our blog, so stay tuned.

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Guy said...

Oh poop!! I had a long letter typed and lost it.... How long can you stay at DHS?? Hope for a couple of weeks as there are lots to see from there. It was cold this am about 24 with frozen fog. If you guys want some cool (in sevral ways) take a drive up to Joshua Tree. A nice loop from where you are up thru the park and come down to the east. Another spot is check the beach out on the state park on the east side of the sea. The beach looks like sand but is really the bones of millions of fish and snails. On the south end of the sea is Sonny Bonno preserve. If you snoop around you will see tons of Obsidian rock. Shinny black rock that looks like glass. Really sharp stuff too. Well enough of the tour guide as there are just tons of amazing things to see around there.
Love guy and joan