Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Second trip into Death Valley

Our second trip into the valley of death or Death Valley was another very long day but we did get back home to Pahrump just shortly after dark. That was the day we caught the wonderful sunset pictures that we posted earlier.

We ran across this very unusual rock formation and had to get out and do a little climbing. Jackie got ahead so Dick was able to catch her looking up into the hole. Someone had camped there and had a campfire in the upper small cavern.

As we traveled we ran across this old abandoned gold process area called Ashford Mill, it was down at the bottom of the valley. Not much left but an interesting picture.
When we came through here the other day it was after dark so wanted to go back to Badwater, 282 feet below sea level. This is a lot better shot than what we got the other day. You can see all the people walking out onto the salt flats. Hard and smooth but very difficult trying to get it off of your shoes.

This is the Natural bridge that was talked about in a previous Blog. After walking a narrow canyon you rounded a curve and came to this sight. Lots of people but what a beautiful canyon and view.

If you look close you can see the people walking up the canyon in the distance.

Further down the road and still in the low valley was an area called the Devil's golf course. Only the Devil himself could play a round of golf in these piles of sharp and jagged salt formations. We saw a young man out on the "field" pretending to swing a golf club while his wife took his picture!

We went back to the Artists Drive during the day so we could get a better shot as when we stopped here the other day it was after sunset.

While Dick was out on the hills looking for the perfect shot, a fellow traveler noticed that we had a tire going flat on the truck. Got it changed and off we went back home. (Dick is very modist here: he had quite a time getting the tire changed, but kept his good humor, even in the heat.)

One more in the desert and then it's the lights of Las Vegas and Red Rock Canyon.

To be continued...

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