Sunday, November 16, 2008

Red dress in the desert

We spent another day in Death Valley. On the way up the hill to see the Natural Bridge (a long canyon with a large arch rock formation you can walk under--pictures to follow), Dick noticed a young lady standing out in the desert. We stopped to capture the vivid contrast between colors of the surrounding area and the bright red dress.

You will have to click on the photos to blow them up to capture the contrast that Dick found.

When we got to the top she was still there with a totally new back drop, with her now standing on the rim of the hill. These are now looking down on the stark barren salt flats of the Death valley.

Dick talked to her when she came back to the parking lot and offered to share these with her, so Tara these are for you, and hope you enjoy.

To be continued...


michelle said...

what are the odds that you would both be there at the same time. Pretty cool. What was she doing out there anyway?

Deanna said...

cool shots. I can't wait to see ones of the natural bridge.

Dick & Jackie said...

The young woman was with a group who was shooting film (a movie?).

tara holt said...

Thank you for sending me this link!! the pictures look great!!!

Tara holt