Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Two great people

We had the pleasure of meeting two special people after Church last Sunday. We were staying at Pancho Villa State Park (New Mexico) in Columbus, on the Mexico boarder, so we could get some dental work done and again learn some of the history of the area.

Before we talk more about the wonderful couple we met, you need a little history about our 5th wheel RV.

Our 5th wheel is a Big Sky Montana and below is a picture of the graphics on the front and side.

We are rather proud of our rig, so while staying in St. David, Arizona we made a trip to Tucson and had a clear view graphic made and installed on the back window of our pickup to match the graphics on the RV. Most people look at it and ask why we have Washington plates on the truck and a Montana graphic on the back window. We have to explain what it means.

Back to the original story.

We drove 30 miles north to Deming to go to church. After church we had just started the truck when a couple came up and asked if we had a Big Sky, after seeing the graphic in the back window. Of course our response was positive. We talked to them for a few minutes and learned that they also have a Montana, but are looking to sell it as they don't camp any more. Dick made a couple of suggestions on how to sell it.

Before they headed home, they mentioned that there was a music jam session in the afternoon and if we liked Country music we might want to go. Being we love Country music we decided to go and maybe dance a little. During a break in the music, our new friend was talking to some other people at our table and mentioned that they have a Platinum membership to 1000 Trails, a camping club, which they would like to give to someone who could use it. Before we left, Dick mentioned that we would like to get some more details about the membership, and they invited us to follow them home to check out the details.

They took us home and we looked over the program. They said if we are interested we could have it free of charge. We know that they paid thousands of dollars for this and used it well while traveling back and forth across the country as Bud showed us the map of the US and it sure had a lot of lines drawn on it. Of course we're interested!

Monday they had 1000 Trails fax them the transfer papers. We drove back to Deming and went over the papers with them, signing where necessary. As soon as we get our membership cards, we can start staying at any of Thousand Trails' resorts free for 21 days and then can move to another park and stay for another 21 days. And we just had to pay the transfer fee and yearly dues--what a deal!

A huge thank you goes out to two great people that we met on a whim and we will remember for a lifetime. Every time we make reservations or stay at a park, we will be thinking of and thanking you.

Again a big thanks to Bud and Marlene, two very special people.

Just an FYI: we are now in Texas.

To be continued...


Skip & Bev said...

Skip & Bev
We have been keeping track of your travels and have really enjoyed your Blog. We seem to be about 2 to 3 weeks behind you, on about the same route. We are currently in Casa Grande but will be moving to Apachee Junction for 2 weeks on Sunday. We will then be off to New Mexico for a week then San Antonio for a month.
We are trying to do a blog at skip-bevgregoire.blogspot.com but we are not yet up to your quality of content.
We really enjoyed your story of the 1000 trails membership, and wish you great camping with your new membership.

Debbie said...

Wow Dad and Jackie- What a great and generous gift. I want to thank them too. I'm really touched by this story.

Nicole said...

Wow! You hear so many negative stories these days that that is truely a wonderful change!! Thanks Bud and Marlene!!

PS... Jason and I looked at a used trailer the other day. It was an amazing deal and it was tempting but still out of our price range for the year. Sad to pass that one up!