Sunday, November 29, 2009

Don't Mess with Blanco

We are still camping at the Thousand Trails campground about 35 miles west of San Antonio Texas and finally decided to make the trip into town to see the sights. We went on Monday before Thanksgiving with a lot of people off work down here so the traffic was not bad in town.

We headed straight to the Alamo, paid our $5.00 parking and walked across the street to the site. We figured it out (hard math) that we were here 30 years ago. I guess there have been lots of changes in all those years but who remembers what it looked like that long ago? Not us.

We did all the tourist stuff, listened to a speaker, walked the grounds and the buildings, read all the history and spent about 2 hours there. It was all very interesting this big piece of Texas history. Sad but interesting.

Just a few pictures to share of the buildings that Dick took

We then walked across the street to the visitors center and got a map of the river walk. Left the building took a hard right down the stairs and there we were. It was just like we remembered it with lots of people enjoying the warm day, the sunshine.
We walked most of the river then took a barge trip that took about an hour and only cost us a total of about $6.00; love those senior discounts. The skipper did a great job with the history of the town and the river.

We headed to Dick's Place for lunch but because of all the smokers we moved to another restaurant.

Along the river was a stage and dancers performing in costume. We sat across the river on the lawn where the music was and enjoyed the show and watched the barge with tourists go by.

These three young girls did a very good job and it was fun to watch.

Bright colors, great music, warm sun what more could we ask for. Oh yes, and it was free. We like free.

On the barge trip in one corner of the river we circled this little island with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. It's hard to think that it's that time of the year again.

Being this close to Luckenbach Texas and having danced to the song we decided we had better head up there and see the town. Except for an open dance hall across the street, this is the town. There was a post office here until about 1971 but now it's a gift shop and bar. But we can now say we have been to Luckenbach Texas.

And we can also say we have been to Blanco Texas. Before you ask what is significant about this town, well our son inlaw's last name is Blanco. So Rich, this is for you. Debbie you may want to click on the picture to enlarge it then print it and frame it for the basement.

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

Can you grab the garbage can??? I think the Blanco's need it!

Debbie said...

I don't know why but I missed this post. I love the photo! Great idea on framing it. Cheers!