Monday, November 9, 2009

water, birds, tree, boat and sunset

First a congradulations to Jen Kaufman and Dick Whitfield for solving the question of the last blog. While checking a pond for aligators we found a 30' by 2" wide track of ants going both directions. Heading one way to harvest the leaves and the other to deliver them back to their nest in the ground.

This was a first for us to see what we have seen on TV in the past. Only ants but still a very interesting find.

And now a new blog...

How about a long walk on a long pier. Every place you look around here there is another long pier for fishing and enjoying the bay. On our first day here we found the local park and took the long walk. No one fishing here today.

At the end we turned around to really see how far it was back to the beach. What a view from the end of the pier back to dry land.

As we said all up and down the beach there are areas of one pier after another. Everywhere you looked there was someone fishing. I think there are even fish in the mud puddles around here.

Birds everywhere you look, these guys thought we were going to feed them and weren't very happy with us as we just took pictures of them.

Careful of the drop zone under this light pole.

This guy was posing for Dick's camera.

These guys really had an eye for the sky. They stood about 10' tall.

On a trip to one of the local State Parks we found this Oak tree that was over 1000 years old, not high but really big.

We stopped here for about one minute because as soon as we exited the truck we were surrounded by at least 100 mosquitoes. A quick walk around, took two pictures and headed back to the truck.

This is not the "love boat" that we remember. Regardless of the condition this boat was still taken out every few days. Lots of larger boats in worse condition still going out every day draging for shrimp to sell as bait at the head of the docks.

We went out to a local bar and restaurant and sat on the deck enjoying a light dinner, a cold drink and a beautifull suset over Aransas Bay.

Same place still sitting and enjoying the 75 degree temperature and watching the sunset and the boats going out for some night fishing.

To be continued...


Debbie said...

That oak tree is amazing!

Ray said...

Hi Dick and Jackie. I showed Ray your wire-wrapped pics. Wow--you did great!! When do you arrive in Qsite?

Tisha said...

Merry Christmas Driver Family. (Tisha here) I just was doing my daily dose of good reads on Deanna's blog and saw those beautiful stockings that you know someone that makes them. Any chance you think they would sell some?! I've been looking for years to find someone who can make them...
p.s. great photos here!