Friday, November 13, 2009

Kodak did us bad

This is the third Kodak printer that we have had in about the last 18 months and they all went bad. They replaced the first two Kodak printers that went out, but after spending over an hour on the telephone they refused to warranty a 5 month old printer. So we went out and purchased an HP and decided to destroy the old Kodak.

To be continued...


Kathy said...

Even though the one ton dually didn't exactly crush the printer, you HAVE to put that on You Tube!!

Debbie said...

Awesome Dad! I love that you asked Kodak if they wanted you to send them a link of you crushing the printer and they left you on hold. Nice work Jackie! I particularly like the emphasis you have on safety- both in the audio and Jackie's usage of the bike helmet. Nice work!

Videos by Professor Howdy said...

Interesting Blog!
Hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Kodak called and left you a message. They said to just mail that printer back and they'll send you out a brand new one.

Ha Ha Ha!!

Love the video!
-Michelle P

Deanna said...

Love it! You guys are hilarious. I especially loved the helmet and gloves on your "stunt driver".