Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mexican hat and Valley of the Gods

Well, we finally made it to Arches National Park on Wednesday. We moved into the cabin and got settled in. On Thursday we started our new job as campground host and then turned the duties over to our co-hosts, Robbie and Alice.

On Friday we hiked in the snow about 2 miles to landscape arch and got this picture to share as a tease of what to look forward to in the next two months. We must admit that the moon was a little added attraction to the photo by Dick.

While camping at Goosenecks State Park we spent a lot of time traveling around the area. A small town just a few miles down the road is Mexican Hat. It got it's name from the balanced rock that looks like of all things a Mexican hat.

What is just as interesting is the hills in the background.

A close up of the rock and then on to the hills. Must use lots of glue to keep it there.

If you look closely at the hills you can see the variegated ribbons of color running up and down the slopes.

A little closer shot of the various colors in the slopes with still some snow on the hills.

A little closer look at the zig-zag patterns on the hills. It was an overcast day so did not get a true picture of the distinct colors.

Dick drove the 17 mile dirt road through the Valley of the Gods on another cloudy day so no blue sky here. But did see some great sights. Wonder how bright the red sand would show up with the evening sun shining on it.

Around every corner was another unique rock formation, some in the distance.

And then a little closer.

Not sure what keeps some standing but they will all be gone in years to come. Lots of years.

If you get just on the right side of this one you can figure out why it's called Rooster rock.

We still have two more postings to follow before we start sharing our adventures here at Arches.
There is just so much to see here in Utah--it's incredible. And we've only just begun.
To be continued...

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picinichml said...

That reminds me of The Garden of the Gods in CO. Living around here where we've got so much water, that landscape looks so different but still so beautiful!