Friday, March 19, 2010

Natural Bridges National Monument Utah

Our last and final post before we start with our present location in this unbelivable place of Arches National Park.

We spent another sunny but cold day taking the tour of Natural Bridges Monument in Utah. We arrived at the visitors center to find that all but one of the trails was still snowed in. Looks like we will have to see most of this park from the lookouts.

The park has 3 major natural bridges that have been formed by water flowing at the base and eroding it until a hole opens up in the base and then continues to form the bridges.

Looking down into the valley you can see in the middle of the picture the first bridge at a distance.

Lets just change the lense in the camera and get you a closer look. We were a little sad that we could not hike down into the valley. I guess we will save that for the next time we are in the area.

Another bridge and the same problems, but the view was spectacular.

The snow had melted, so after taking a few shots at the top of this natural bridge we started our journey down to the bottom.

One other family was there so we shared taking pictures. Do you need to quess who this is.

If you look closely you can see Dick standing at the bottom directly under the bridge. He got out of there quick after he was unable to determine what was holding it all up.

Another fun shot looking at a cave entrance we found. We spent an hour searching this area.

NOT... Take a closer look at the rock in front of Jackie. Did we get you?

After spending several hours at Natural Bridges, we continued on to Blanding, then met Robbie and Alice at Twin Rocks Cafe in Bluff for dinner (which was excellent, by the way). Then we completed the circle back to our campsite.
We pulled out after 9 days sitting at Goosenecks State Park and moved into the little town of Bluff for one night and then pulled out for the final 100 mile journey to Moab. Nice sunny day for traveling and lots of things to see along the way.
This journey started in Washington then to Minnesota, a hard right to Texas where we took another hard right to Arizona and another right to Utah. Wow have we seen a lot in the last 6 months.
When we got to Moab we found a campground for 2 nights before heading up our 18 mile driveway to our new "home".

To be continued...


Deanna said...

I showed those shots to Darin (as he loves the natural bridges) and he sighed..."God makes some really cool stuff." AGREED. Thanks for sharing!

picinichml said...

I agree with Darin and Deanna. And I say that shot of the two of you should be included in your Christmas card for sure!
Miss you!

roxy39 said...

Beautiful Pics. I'll bet you are looking forward to 80 degree weather. Say Hi to Robbie & Alice for us.
You know, I almost accepted a job as the Radio Tech for the phone company in Moab?
Thanks for inviting us along. Be safe and keep in touch.