Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monument Valley and Moki Dugway...

Here are two more places we visited while camped on the cliff at Goosenecks. First, Monument Valley. The first day we went close to Monument Valley it was foggy and this is what we saw, so we went into town for propane and water. They charged us $6.00 to fill our water container. We forgot to tell them that our water container was 40 gallons.

Then a couple of days later it was sunny and nice, so we went back and actually entered Monument Valley. Monument Valley is on the indian reservation. There is a new hotel, gift shop and restaurant there, with beautiful views of the valley.

It's nice to be able to get pictures with blue sky and not rain and snow. If we remember right our plan was to stay in warm places, so what are we doing here?

The road through Monument Valley is rough and not very comfortable, but we sure wouldn't suggest that that stop anyone. The views are spectacular.

Catch the moon in this shot? (And this one is not photo-shopped!)

Lots of the old western movies were shot in this park. John Wayne spent many a day riding through here.

The shear rock walls are over 1000' tall but sorry you can't climb them in this park.

We thought this would make a good natural amphitheatre on the right, just spend a few minutes clearing out some of the loose rocks.

Every turn of the road brought into view another beautiful and scenic view for us to try and remember.

Another day we drove up to Moki Dugway with Robbie and Alice. Here is the sign at the bottom of the road. Can you see where the road goes? We couldn't, and weren't sure we wanted to go!
The road gained about 1000' of elevation in about 2 miles and was all dirt and mud. We went up it twice and down once. No we did not pull the rig up or down.

And this is looking down on the grade from part-way up. Alice wanted to go from the top to the overlook, where we'd be 2000' up from the river, but unfortunately there was way too much snow and the road to the overlook was all mud and snow. Something for next time, I guess.

Another view from above looking out over the Valley of the Gods.

Pretty impressive scenery in this part of the country if you like BIG rocks, and we do.
To be continued...


Grace's Mom said...

Your photos are spectacular!
Kathleen Harrigan Lefcourt

picinichml said...

Are any of those small rocks around there polish-worthy?