Friday, February 22, 2008

first Blog and a hike in the snow...

Well it looks like Deanna came up with our Blog name. Thanks-I think it's great. The exciting things that are going on with us these days is waiting for Jackie's retirement day, April 30, 2008 and then we will be off on May 1 to see our wonderful Country. Our first stop will be camping with close friends in Boardman, Oregon for several days.

Last Monday we spent part of the day hiking and viewing the old indian caves at Lake Lenore, North of Soap Lake. It was cold and icy but we made it. The trail was covered in snow but some one else had been there before us and that gave us an idea of where the trail was. We got off the trail on the way down and ended up in knee deep drifted snow. It was slow going but our little dog just walked on top of it. Guess it's time to lose some weight.


Anonymous said...

Those caves are pretty cool. My big bro took Dave and I through them. I love caves but my favorites are cenotes.
L. Sis

deanna said...

Yea!!! I LOVE it. Great work! Keep up the blogging. I'll add you guys to my blogroll.