Saturday, February 23, 2008

We moved to South Dakota?

We still have 9 weeks 3 day and a few hours but we do have a new address for those who want to send us snail mail, like Christmas cards, birthday cards or money. It's a mail forwarding Company that we will start using after the first of May this year.
In case you forget our address you can check back with this Blog.

Dick & Jackie Driver
2040 W Main #210-2446
Rapid City, SD 57702-2446

Our telephone number will remain the same at 509-398-2626 for Dick and 509-398-2625 for Jackie. We may go to one phone number but not sure at this time. If we do we will keep the 2626 number.

For now we are going to stick with the email address.

For those who are unaware, we have purchased a 5th wheel RV, sold our home and if it would not fit into the RV and the kids didn't want it we sold or donated it all. Jackie retires April 30 and we are off to see the Country and plan on never spending another cold winter again.


David & Jo-Anna Kikel said...

Hey you two - we also live in South Dakota (LOL). Nice to see your blog up and running - we will be following it closely. Glad to hear you will be on the road soon. We will be going through Oregon and Washington in May on our way to Alaska. Looks like you might not be there then. I'm sure we will catch up with you another time.

HAVE FUN - ENJOY LIFEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo-Anna and David

Anonymous said...

Richard and Jackie, the only thing we know about Dakota is from the song by Doris Day, you know "Take me back to the Black Hills", no seriously have a great time doing you own thing. Doing the Eastern Seaboard Cruise this October perhaps the both of you and the five wheels might get there. Lots of love......Jill and Alan from Leicestershire.

Jen said...

Glad you guys started a blog to keep us less mobile folks updated on your adventures in RV-ing!

deanna said...

Hey, are you sure you want your private info out there? Just thought I'd ask 'cuz I don't want you taken advantage of here.

Anonymous said...

Look at all the snow! If we had that kind of snow our schools would be cancelled!!

I love the flagpole. Do you think Oasis would notice if it went missing?

Dick & Jackie said...
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Dick & Jackie said...

Sorry Michelle, but the flag pole is ours, it slides together and fits in the basement so we can take it with us. And we will...