Friday, August 1, 2008

Ephrata to Miracle Ranch Camp...

Before we left Ephrata we had time to spend with lots of friends, including several that spend every summer at Oasis RV park. They always have some thing going on to keep busy with. The table in front is full of all kinds of trinkets, beads and necklace parts that they can make "whirley gigs" out of. They have a ball and what better to do during cocktail time than to be productive.
Here are a few of the "whirley gigs" that are finished and on display for purchase. So if you are out in the park stop and see Walt and Annette. Annette is also a great artist; if you look around the park, pool area, laundry room, drain covers, you can see some her beautiful work. Give them a big hello from us.
One of the reasons to get back to Ephrata when we did was the see the 5th annual Basin Summer Sounds concert. It went on Friday evening and then all day on Saturday. We stayed until 11:00 pm both nights and had a great time. Good sounds, good food and most important good friends. It is located in front of Grant County Court house and is complete with a beer garden, food and 3 on 3 basketball tournament at the same time.
Just some of the people trying to find shade and enjoying the great sounds. Did I mention it's all free.
After the Rotary meeting on Tuesday we headed out to visit our daughter Deanna and her family, husband Darin and daughter Daisy at Miracle Ranch near Purdy Washington. Darin is the new Program Director at the camp and except for the long hours is having a ball at his new job. The morning after we arrived we got to sit on the fence and enjoy a rodeo that the camp kids put on. Lots of kids having lots of fun.
Toward the back of the camp is the new Gemmer home, complete with room for our 5th wheel. It is on a long slope but we found an area next to the house to park. We have water and an extension cord from the house so have a limited amount of electricity, but it's working just fine.
Deanna and Daisy came to visit the other day, I closed the bedroom door so Daisy would stay out of the bedroom as she has not mastered going down the stairs yet. As you can see from the next 3 pictures nothing was going to stop her from obtaining her goal of getting up the stairs and under the door.
I see you!

I did it!
At lunch yesterday CC sat attentively waiting for the next morsel of food to drop. You can see the new "Blue Boy" paint in the kitchen.
We are having a great time and Deanna is keeping us working, painting the inside of the new house. The camp is furnishing the material and they also painted 3 bedrooms before they ran out of time. We have finished the front room, play room, kitchen and 80% of the dining room. All we have remaining is two bathrooms. Not sure what other projects she has up her sleeve for us.
Some of our meals are eaten in the dining hall with 200 or more kids so it gets a little crazy and noisy but it sure is great seeing them all having a ball.


Guy said...

mrepbmhuHey for a extension cord and some water you can do some painting around here too. Thanks for the update and have tons of fun...
Bro and Bride

Anonymous said...

it's so nice of Deanna to give you some time off to go see the rodeo and eat! -Can't wait to see the house next time I'm there.