Sunday, August 10, 2008

Still at Miracle Ranch

We are still visiting with our daughter Deanna and her family at Miracle Ranch near Purdy Washington. We finally finished painting the inside of the house and other projects so now have more time to play. Two of the rooms went from dark to bright yellow so took 3 coats of paint. "Never again". Have I said this before?

It is great to see over 200 excited kids all over the place, sharing a meal with them and at night they have a "fire side" with skits, singing and Bible lessons. This picture was taken late in the evening but with the flash it looks like day.

Our granddaughter just loves the water so she has her own pool, but has to share it with Mom. You will have to check out Deanna's Blog to see some videos of Daisy.
We took a short walk down to the lakefront for a family swim on a hot day last week. Had to share the lake with the camp kids but everyone had a great time and cooled down. Here is Darin, Deanna, Daisy and Jackie in the water. Dick is the "official photographer".
Last Thursday we took a trip to Tacoma to visit Point Defiance park and got some great pictures of the Gemmer family. We walked around the pond and the gardens.
This is one of the shots that Darin took with my camera but had to post it as it's such a cute shot. Everyone has to use Dick's camera -- it's so fun!
Checking out the ducks and the pond at the park.
I never miss finding some flowers to take a picture and there were some beautiful ones around the park. They have a large rose garden with a 8' fence all around it to keep from feeding the deer. What a beautiful sight, and we did stop to smell the roses!

Got several close up shots of several roses and this is one that I liked.
We will be leaving next Wednesday for Olympia and Jackie's High School reunion so will get one more Blog out before then. Stay tuned for more family and a lot of horses.


Guy said...

Hi all and sure great to catch up with all your doings. Been ok here and down to 78 today. Almost felt cold....Say hi to the kids and have a save long trip to Oly. Hey Dick was someone comming after the small trailer?? Just wondering. Keep up the stuff and take care........
bro and bride

Deanna said...

Hey Guy-we're coming for the trailer in September!

Great pics and stories, Dad. Now can I have them?! :)

michelle said...

so sorry to hear it's only 78 degrees Uncle Guy!!! (that was sarcasm if you couldn't tell). Glad you're spending quality time with little Daisy and the family.