Sunday, August 10, 2008

Horsing around...

Got to see all our girls this week; Debbie came out to visit Friday and we were able to spend some time together before she had to get home. She is spending most of her weekends with her husband traveling around the state and racing bicycles so had to get up early on Saturday.

Then this Sunday Michelle, Jason Picinich and grandkids came for a visit. How exciting to spend some time with them all. Darin got out the barbecue and cooked lunch for all of us. We got a picture of us with all the grandkids in the barn sitting on a old wagon. The kids got to check out all the animals including the new kittens.

I think Michelle got this picture of Dick and Jacob sitting on the bench watching the older kids playing ladder golf. Not sure who was the big winner but had fun.
Get ready to duck as the golf balls head toward the game frame. I think Jason won this one.
I was able to finally get a new picture of Jason and Michelle before the day was over. Thanks Jason, you are a good sport.

I think the only reason that the grandkids came along was to ride the horses here at camp. Sorry to say that all the horses except 2 were out in the pasture so had to hike down there and turn the kids loose with them in the field. This is Molly who I think spent an hour just petting this horse.
Macey was peaking through the gate with her big smile.
Do you think Maya was excited to be out in the pasture with close to 50 horses? All the horses wanted to check us all out so they kept sneaking up behind us. We took our dog with us and the horses were curious to check her out also. CC was a little skitish as she only weights 12 pounds and didn't want to get stepped on. (can't really blame her!)

Michelle found her favourite horse and I think she followed it all around the pasture.
One last picture in the field before we had to hike back to the camp. Had a hard time convincing everyone that we had to leave the horses. Even Jacob had a good time being able to be with all the horses. I think this is something that most kids would never have a chance to do, so thanks Darin and Deanna for making it possible.
Molly has it all figured out how she can get to camp here next year and I think she would spend all her time with the horses if they would only let her.

Such a fun day, sorry it had to end!


Anonymous said...

I need copies of all of your pictures for that day.

Guy said...

Hi again and sure was a treat to see the "kids" with the horses. I'm sure your right not a lot of kids get a chance like that, unless they lived in Montana. You didn't get here soon enough so I and Joan are painting the bedroom. I think she is planning to do the other one too........
It is supposed to get near 100 by this weekend. I think we will sneak over Saturday for a Alex birthday breakfast. Hmmmm 14 and just about time for her dad to buy a shotgun....grin....
Well break is about done so look forward to more stuff from your end.
guy and joan