Saturday, August 30, 2008

The rest of our Olympia Visit

On Tuesday we joined Debbie in her office at the capitol. Nice view from her office, huh? She took us on a short tour, then we walked downtown and had lunch at the 5th Avenue Sandwich Shop.

Later that day we wen to Brett and Katie's for dinner (Jackie's younger brother). We shared a great meal and lots of good conversation.
On Thursday we decided to spend the day inside at the Seattle RV Show as it was expected to be another rainy day. The new Outback, by Keystone, with a pop-up room in the back was very interesting.
The 2009 Big Sky front cap: (We prefer our 2007!) We spent several hours touring the show. Nothing jumped out at us as a "had to have", but we did get some ideas for possible upgrades. The show was half the size of the same show several years ago, attesting to the problems of the RV industry.
Friday morning we had a bike ride with Debbie, along the bike trail in Lacey/Olympia. It was a beautiful, easy ride, about 6+ miles. CC stayed in the pickup in the parking lot, so Jackie took her for a walk as soon as we got back. (Dick and Debbie thought it was funny--her walking the dog in her bike helmet.)
Debbie took off her helmet before taking the leash from Jackie!
Later that day, Deanna and Daisy joined us at the campground. Daisy had fun with the golf balls Dick put together for ladder golf.

Debbie was checking out Deanna's camera, which is for sale because they have purchased a new digital with interchangeable lenses.
While Deb was playing with her camera, Deanna was playing with Dad's. Here is a picture of Dick relaxing at the campground. Sorry about the lack of a smile.

Then Deanna, Daisy and Gram (Jackie) went to the pool. Deb and Dad went too, but didn't get close to the water! Daisy is our little water baby, loving the water.

And bouncing off Gram's leg.
Although her head is cut off, this was a great shot of our two "girls" in the water. Later that day, Brett and Katie and Nancy Lamb Judge (Jackie's classmate) joined us at the RV to see Deanna and Daisy. It was so fun having a houseful!
The weekend was pretty wet in Olympia (all across Western WA, I understand), so we didn't do much outside. We enjoyed the service at the Tumwater United Methodist Church, then had lunch at Deb's on Sunday. Monday morning we pulled out and headed back to Miracle Ranch to help Deanna and Darin (see Deanna's blog).
We are sorry and feel bad that we never got the chance to visit Michelle, Jason and the grand kids as Michelle was working and then trying to get ready for a vacation.

We are now back on the travel road again and will try and keep you updated with our travels.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you stayed somewhere where you got to hang out with so much family! Too bad it couldn't be us. I'm even more glad that you got to spend some time with Deanna when she needed you most!