Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2000 hits...

WOW, we just went over 2000 hits on our Blog in just under 7 months. We started it 3 months before we started traveling so most of the hits are after May 1 of this year. Thanks for looking in on us.

Our postings got out of order so you may want to scroll down the page if you missed "in the mountains".

Thanks again for looking and I hope to add again early next week as we will be with out service as we are going to be camping on the Pacific ocean beach for a few days at South Beach south of Kalaloch and North of Ocean Shores.

See you next week Doll & Dave.


michelle said...

Wow, you guys are the next big thing!!

Debbie said...

I've been loving all the photos! I'm thinking the 2009 calendar I'll make for you guys will be fantastic if I can use some of your shots.