Friday, September 5, 2008

Blue to green or fog to sun...

We are now at Salt Creek County Park, west of Port Angeles. Tuesday, when we moved here, we had bright sunshine, and a view to die for out our back window. Since then it has been mostly foggy, especially in the morning. Here is a view of the rocky beach.
Dick is on the beach, looking up at Jackie and CC above.
A couple of views of an island in the fog.

The sun through the fog into the trees was so beautiful. I did one horizontal so you could use it as a screen saver or desk top back ground if you want.

On Thursday we drove up to Hurricane Ridge. Wow! We met a really nice couple from Virginia who were staying in the park, and they went with us. The view looking down over the fog in Port Angeles.

This doe was lying next to the trail, and seemed to be posing for photographers.
And then there was this black bear, which was about 75 feet from the trail. It attracted quite a crowd. And this was by one of the easiest trails and closest to the information center at Hurricane Ridge! While watching him (her) a deer walked by about 10feet from her (him).
After we came down from Hurricane Ridge, our new friends Bill and Carol took us to lunch at a great restaurant in Port Angeles. Later we all roasted marshmallows at the campfire. What a fun day!


Team Eddy said...

Your pictures are amazing; thanks for sharing them!

michelle said...

I can't believe that bear and deer were just sitting there. They were probably just as busy watching you guys as you were watching them!

Debbie said...

sounds like a great day! Did you get to Port Townsend to check out the wooden boat festival? It was pretty cool!