Sunday, September 14, 2008

Still working our way around the Olympic Peninsula

We drove to Neah Bay and walked out to the NW corner of the US, overlooking Tatoosh Island. The 3/4 mile walk out was difficult, especially with CC running ahead. Here are a couple of views from that trip. Unfortunately, the fog was thick and we didn't see the island. Still a beautiful part of the country.

This is a second view of the island off Salt Creek Co. Park; the first is in the fog on our previous post. A little different look.
Also at Salt Creek, when the tide was out, five deer on the beach in the morning. These same deer plus all there cousins had been in our campground every day while we were there.
Then we moved to Forks, WA. From there drove down to La Push and walked out to Second Beach. An interesting hike through the forest, then over the logs once we reached the beach. But very worth the effort. We met a very nice young man from Switzerland who was setting up his camera to get just the right picture at sunset. (One he'd seen in Seattle selling for $3000.)
Because he was having to wait several hours, we wished him luck and went on our way. Just about lost Dick on the way back over the logs when he took a tumble and dropped out of sight. He was okay except for his bruised body and pride. Here is a picture of Jackie, the tree hugger, on a trail in the Olympic National Park. If I remember right it's a huge spruce tree.
Then on to Ruby Beach another short hike down to the ocean and where the river flows into it.
Dick posed in the hole in the rock. Had a hard time getting up to it from the back side but was able to finally make it and kept my feet dry:
And more Ruby Beach:
We have many more beautiful pictures taken since our last post, so we'll save some of them for next time. We have so enjoyed our time on the Olympic Peninsula, and are not done yet.


Anonymous said...

Wow! It is so sad that all of that is right in our backyard and we never go there. Beautiful pictures as usual!
How was Forks? I'm reading a book right now that is based in Forks. I've heard that if you go to Forks there is a sign that says something like, "Jacob, Bella and Edmond are not here anymore".

Debbie said...

I love that area! The first photo and the ones of each of you are awesome. I hope to see more photos from this area on your blog. I also hope to take a trip up there sometime soon. Oh- I read the book Michelle is referring to and wondered if Forks has "Twilight" fever?

Dick & Jackie said...

Deb and Michelle:
Forks has signs all over about "Twilight" and "vampires". They are taking advantage of all the hype with those books. Jackie