Tuesday, May 13, 2008

bikes, trucks, church, falls and down on the old farm...

It's May 13 and we are back in Ephrata to see the Dentist but the rig is still in The Dalles area of Oregon. Here are some pictures that we took last week and wanted to share. The bike ride was 6 miles each way above the river and it was a lot of fun.

Because of the heavy winds we went for a long truck ride on two days and here are some pictures that show some of what we found. We went out to breakfast and Church on Mothers day and just relaxed after a long walk along the river trail.

We will depart The Dalles on Thursday and go South on Hwy 97 down the center of Oregon and find a place to camp as we need to be in Northern California on the 22nd.

The WiFi hot spots are few and far between in Oregon so will post again when we get a chance.

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Deanna said...

What great pictures! Wouldn't it be fun to restore that old church?

Now you've gotta get some padded shorts for your next long bike trip.

Love ya!

Debbie said...

I love the photos! Great pictures of the bike ride - I'll miss seeing you in that helmet Dad. Keep posting, we're lookin!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures, as usual. You now know that all three of us girls are reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Yeah and little sis reading too. I must say, you are starting a collection of wonderful memory photos. Six miles each way. WOW! Don't forget to go through the state parks in Utah. FAB!!! Love ya travelers.

Guy said...

Hey there you two. Some of those pictures were outstanding! Nice to hear what is going on. We are in Missoula and heading for "moms" in Lewistown. We should be there today. It is kinda wet here and the temp is in the high 40s.
Will only be gone a week or so. Have to get back home for the strawberries that are coming on.
Love U Bro

Kathy and Bryson said...

Impressed by your new collection of vintage automobiles. The mansion is wonderful. You have done well in keeping with the precept of living green: recycled lumber and open air design to avoid air conditioning. WHAT A DEAL!!