Saturday, May 3, 2008

on the road, finally...

May 1, 2008 and we are off to see the world. We left Ephrata and about 10:00 AM and headed toward Boardman, OR. We had perfect weather for our first day "on the road".
150 miles the first day at 10 mpg at $4.58/gallon. You do the math, I don't want to see the bottom number. We go lost in Pasco and turned onto a dead end street and had to back out and turn around. Very interesting but as you can tell we made it.

In Boardman we are camped with our back window facing the Columbia river. Here is the view. It is really spectacular. We watch the riverboats and barges ply the river, and closer to shore the geese out with their goslings.
Last night, 5/2, we had dinner outside with the sun setting in the background. We're camping with Kathy and Bryson Bailey, and here she is at the table with us. Prior to this, we had "cocktails" around the campfire with the Baileys and some new-found friends from Bend, OR. Then after dinner we moved inside to have a rousing game of Hand and Foot. (On the table in the background are the flowers I received from our girls and their families for my retirement.)

Today (5/3) Boardman is having a Cinco de Mayo celebration here in their park. We walked over to participate and have some mexican food. (Why are we always eating?!) They have games, a mariachi band, etc. It was fun. I love this hat on Jackie so had to get a picture and share it.

The weather has been cloudy with the sun peeking through at times today, but still quite warm.
I'm still not sure "retirement" has sunk in. It feels like a long weekend. Will let you know later.
What a way to start, warm, sunny and a light wind. We will leave here Monday and head, and head, and head, well were not sure where we are going. We need to be back in Ephrata on the 13 so will leave the RV in Oregon and drive up to visit the Dentist and then will pick up the rig and head for Northern California.
Will keep you posted as WiFi permits.

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some long weekend!