Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We took a drive up to the 5950 level, where the views of the valley were fantastic. Luckily, we went up on a day that it was clear -- before the rally.
One of the few times that we could view Mount Shasta because of low clouds and rain.

Took a drive up to Castle Lake in the rain and cold (38deg) but wow what a view. Still lots of ice on the lake with low clouds.
The Montana rally was lots of fun for us. I counted about 30 rigs all parked in one area of the park. There was over 60 people and I bet about the same number of dogs. Below is a picture of one of our shared meals. Every one has pulled out but us and one other couple. We will be out of here in the morning.

About 10 of us went to a local river and did a hike. This is the "Middle Falls", 1 of 3 falls on the trail. We got back to the trucks before the sky opened up with heavy, heavy rain, thunder and lightening. Our trip back to the campground was with the wipers on fast.

A new friend at the rally had some old graphics from the front cap of a 2001 Big Sky Montana that he gave us. Dick pulled together some of the crew here that had experence on putting on the decals. What a difference in the looks of our truck. (It was fun taking pictures of the guys putting the graphics on the truck. And some of the "supervisors" who sat on the sidelines and gave instructions.-Jackie)

This is a picture of some of the "supervisors" during and after the decal installation.

It took 4 of us to get the graphics installed and took a little over an hour per side. Many thanks to Butch, Robbie, Ray for all the help and also to Dave for the graphics. What a great bunch of people.

Just a reminder you can click on any picture and blow it up for more details.
It has been a really fun time. My fears of being the "newbies" who were not part of the group were unfounded. We were made a part of the group in no time, and are looking forward to seeing all the these great folks again! It was so much fun and we made some lasting friendships. (Jackie) And we learned to play Mexican Train Dominoes, although I'm not sure I'll get Dick to play again as he was the biggest loser! In spite of the crummy weather (rain, wind, cold), it was a great rally. And our truck looks super!
(Dick) I was told that I was the big winner at Mexican Train because I had the most points. LOL
I was going through Internet withdrawal so we went out today and purchased an air card so we can have internet just about most places. I still need to get the computer in the truck working with it so we can go online when we are going down the road.


mkbailey said...

Sounds like great fun, again. The truck looks cool!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the truck looks great! And so do those pictures. You need to contact some postcard printing company and start selling some of these!
Jackie, you better watch out. I bet Dad is going to be practicing that new game in the middle of the night so he can show everyone up next time!
So happy to hear you are both having a great time!

Jen said...

Dick, we call the one with the most points "the one in the lead", so you're right on.

Alice said...

We miss you guys already! Watched the video of Daisy talking on the way back to Santa Rosa--what a doll!!! You are so lucky to have a daughter who keeps you posted daily with lots of pictures, so you won't miss your darling granddaughter growing up while you travel. Unfortunately our "boys" don't understand how important that is, and their spouses are "too busy" though neither one works.

Glad to hear you got yourselves an aircard. But now you'll find you need a router so you can both be on the internet at the same time (like us). That's great--now we'll be able to keep tabs on your travels.

Enjoy your wanderings and your new-found freedom. We'll keep in touch and hope to meet up with you "on the road."