Sunday, June 1, 2008

Quincy California, bucks lake, Church and dancing...

Here we are in (of all places) Quincy, California. It is a very small town in the mountains at around 4000 ft. of elevation, buried in the forest. What a beautiful area, that is if you like trees, rivers and sun shine in the 70s. We arrived thursday and will depart in the morning (monday) and plan to head further east to the Reno area.

Being Sunday we went to Church at the local Community United Methodist Church in town. Beautiful little church with a very friendly congregation.

Last night, Saturday, I (Jackie) pursuaded Dick and the couple camped next to us (Vern and Debbie from Sonora, CA in their Montana) to go into town for the night life. We'd seen a sign at one place that there was dancing and at another that a local band was playing. We tried the "dancing" place first, but it was to canned music. So we headed down the street. The place was jumping. The band was great (a group of older men, one of whom played with Jim Reeves), we got to dance (very small dance floor but big enough until the locals decided maybe dancing was OK), and had a great evening with our new friends.
Not only could he play but sang great with out his teeth. I think he said he was 190 years old.

Wildflowers? Found this group of ? in the woods near a lake. Never have seen them before.

On Friday we drove up to Bucks Lake (17 miles straight up -- 15% grade!) to go for a walk. We stood on this part of the Pacific Crest Trail, then went down to the lake and walked part of the way around. Big lake and very pretty. We pretty much had it to ourselves, so CC had a ball.
Look closely--Jackie is in there among the big trees next to the lake!
Dick and CC on a rock enjoying the scenery and the sun.
The view of the valley from the top of the world at Bucks Lake Road. Well it felt like the top of the world after the long climb.
This small community has much to see and enjoy. We are so glad we found it!


gsdahl said...

OH dear. I typed a comment and it was there and then it's gone. Your travels are great and so are the pictures. Nice camera. If you are stopping this way let us know and we can have a get-together. I'm sure your long lost nephew would like to meet you. Both of us have enough room in our dirt yards for you to park your rig. I have a pool, which is quite refreshing on nice days. Let us know. Gail

mkbailey said...

npwpenvOh so beautiful!
Loe to all, KB

mkbailey said...

Have no idea why the verification letters showed up???

Anonymous said...

All the pictures are great. Fun to travel along with you via the blog!! Jackie, is it real yet or do you still feel like you are on vacation! Very cool rainy spell here in Ephrata. Graduation is tonight. Miss you! Linda G