Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Smell the roses...

I started taking pictures of wildflowers about 32 years ago when Jackie gave me a new 35mm SLR camera, and I continue doing it today.

While camping at Angel Creek near Wells, Nevada I could not walk around our campsite without seeing all the beautiful wildflowers, so with my trusty (new) camera I was off to see what I could find. As a contrast I have shown the bush or plant and then wanted to share the detail of the flower in an adjacent picture. I have nine different wildflower sets that I found with in 50 feet of our site. I also did a video of our site so you could see what the area looks like.

Don't forget when out enjoying nature take the time to get down on your knees and see the beauty in a very small flower.

The pictures are side by side but when I preview them they come out over and under. Oh well, you will get the idea.

Can you smell them?


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Dad. They really dont look like much until you get right up there. I want all those flowers in my garden!!

Anonymous said...

Great the flowers!! Things are fine in Ephrata. I finished child care last friday and after a get-a-way week-end in Spokane we have been cleaning the garage. Aren't you jealous to be living the downsized life and missing all this fun!! Blessings! G&L