Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who are you?

You are being watched!

We got to 700 hits on our blog, it says 800 but I started the counter at 100. From those we have received only about 35 messages and most of them from Debbie, Michell and Deanna, so must have a lot of lurkers out there or people checking the Blog every day to see what's new.

Just to get an idea of who is out there please just leave your name on a reply so we can see who you are.

D, J & CC


michelle said...

my name is Michelle and I love checking it every day!

mkbailey said...

I check your progress almost daily but do not always comment. All I can think of to say is "way cool". That gets a bit trite after a few times.
Take care. Love you,

Anonymous said...

We were in Yellowstone in 2004 one day in the snow and another it was cold and clear. Sat waiting for Old Faithful in the snow. We had come from Glacier then thru Yellowstone, headed to Colorado to see Debbie and then went to Canyonland and The Arches. For not planning to go to four national parks we were completely awe struck by the deversity and beauty...and then we came home and went to Mt. St. Helens for our first time. We truely have a beautiful country and I've only seen a tiny bit of it.
Lil Sis

Anonymous said...

Michelle, Deanna....take your kids to as many national parks as you can.
A. Doll