Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yellowstone day 2 (not)

On Thursday (day 2) we decided to take in some other sights and only spend half a day in the truck so after departing the camp we went up a gravel side road and ran across acres of daisy's so had to spend some time and take some pictures for you know who. I will call these "A field for Daisy".

The fields ran on and off for miles. Need to spend some time taking out the pole and lines.

Back on the highway in the high desert area are huge areas of nothing but wildflowers; I would guess this field to be 2 miles square and there are lots of them up and down the road.

We found another forest service road and I hiked out to the outlet of a mostly dry lake to get these pictures of the field of purple larkspur. And yes there are more daisy's in this area.
This is another view of the same area showing some of the small ponds still present in the field. I hiked the dry drainage from the field for about a 100 yards and came to the top of a huge cliff. I could hear water in the distance so figured there had to be a river at the bottom.

Down the road we came to a park that had an upper and lower falls. This is what I had heard from above. There is a boardwalk so you can go out to the top edge of the upper falls and then along the side to get spectacular views. (Mesa Falls)

Another mile down the river we came to the lower falls. Lots of water as the snow is still melting. I have seen so many falls in the last few weeks I came up with a new name for them.
"Waters that change elevation rapidly"
It was a fun trip and we got back home in time to have a campfire. We did spend 15 hours in Yellowstone park on Friday but will post that trip later. We have moved again (Saturday) and are now in a Federal campground in the trees so I am sitting in my lawn chair under the awning in the shade posting this, it's a hard life. (Unfortunately we are also fighting off the mosquitos!)


Guy said...

More super pictures!! as joan said "its a rough life but someone has to do it". For the flowers it looks like you guys hit it perfectly. Good for you! It is supposed to get to 103 or so today so it will be there in a couple of days. Get ready.
Bro and Bride

michelle said...

Dad, I'm sure Daisy will love her field. It makes me want to run through it. And, although I love your new name for waterfalls, don't you think "Falls" is easier to say???

A. Doll said...

Did you go to Cody, Wyoming? Pretty cool museaum there.
L. Sis

Anonymous said...

Hey, you two, Carl and I have been thinking of you. Decided I better check your blog and see where you are on the map. Looks good to me and the adventure is moving along.
We have been busy painting inside,have landscaping done, shower and screen doors installed, hosting a fun rasier for Carolann for county commisioner and I am working on the wedding plans for my son and his to be bride. Happy to be able to be busy and loving the summer. Happy trails Lorrie