Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Desert, mountains and beauty...

We continued East and decided to stop at Wells, Nevada only because we didn't want to drive any longer. The town leaves a lot to be desired and so does the RV park where we stayed. The picture below is what is left of the main street after an earth quake this year. It's a total loss and has a chain link fence surrounding that section of the town. Nothing else in this town to take pictures of .

We did travel about 25 miles North of town and then East into the desert on a dirt road for about 30 miles. We found the tracks of the California trail and walked part of it. It's hard to believe that over 200,000 people traveled this route. We picked up some of the rocks that the wagons and people traveled over and will bring them home for the grandkids. It was emotional standing there realizing the hardship that all those people went through to cross just that area of the desert to start a new life.

Jackie is standing in the wagon ruts.
A closer look at the tracks that still remain after 170 years.
While touring the area we found a camp site in the Mountains 8 miles above the town. We moved up there after two days in town and had a hard time leaving. We spent 3 days at the base of Ruby mountains at Angel creek campground. Dry camping again but had a fire each night, so Jackie was happy. We sat outside of the RV in our lawn chairs in the shade with this view. Our space had a table and fire pit in the center of a grove of Aspen trees so it was a very private site.

Further up the mountain the road ends at Angel lake. This is a view looking down at the lower camp and if you click on the picture, the little white dot in the middle you will see is our RV.

Here is a view of the lake at the top. It's only about 5 acres but sure is pretty.

While there CC had to cool off and decided the snow was the place to do it. It was only about 70 deg., just perfect

On the way back down we found a trailhead and decided to walk the trail. We came out of a small stand of Aspen trees to find the hillside abloom with wildflowers. What a site.

We stopped to admire the view before turning back at a very funny shaped rock. I think the hills in the back ground are in Utah.
On the way back, just before getting to the truck we had to cross a small stream and CC was so hot that she just laid down in the middle and stayed there. I had to pick her up and carry her the rest of the way to the truck to keep her from getting muddy.
We ended up spending 3 days there and our next blog will be just some of the beautiful wild flowers that surrounded our campsite. Sorry to leave but needed to get to Twin Walls, Idaho to get some service done on the truck. It was such a quiet, beautiful spot--very few other campers and large private campsites. We'd like to go again, but this time of year or late fall because we imagine it will get quite warm in the summer.

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Deanna said...

I'm excited to see more wildflower pictures. The preview was beautiful!