Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pioneer Historic Byway in southern Idaho...

Yesterday, 6/23, we spent the day on the Pioneer Historic Byway in southeastern Idaho. It was a long day in the truck, but very worthwhile. You can read the information on where the great Bonneville (Salt) lake finally washed away it's dam and rushed across the country to form new rivers and lakes. Sounds a lot like the great Missoula flood to me.

This is Niter Ice Cave. We walked way down inside of the cave, where it was quite cool (compared to the 80 degrees or so outside). We walked deep into the cave until the floor turned to mud or wet clay and we realized that CC was running around in it. We had a small flashlight but it would not help at all. The cave was next to a farmers field, in fact it ran under his field.

Soda Springs Geyser:

It is capped and allowed to spew once an hour, on the hour. The Geyser is in the middle of town and behind some old buildings. The surface of the area around it was very interesting as you could see the ripples from the water running over it building up. Yes, I did bring home a piece of the rock like material.

This is a picture of the build-up of the minerals in the water as it cascades down.

We saw beautiful mountains, lush farmland, lakes, rivers, springs, and old towns with lots of history. I can't believe how beautiful this area of Idaho is. Whereever we went we found green hills, valleys and mountains. You would be going through the hills and come over the top to see another lush green valley surrounded by more green hills. Am I impressed. We would move here in a minute if only it stayed like this all year long.
We also saw the area and learned about the Bear River Massacre, where over 400 Shoshone Indians were massacred in 1863. What I read on a monument at this site, erected by the Daughters of Utah pioneers has bothered me for two days now so I will need to post my feelings in a seperate Blog.

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Debbie said...

Looking forward to learning more about the history of the massacre. Sounds pretty awful. I'd like to explore more of Idaho. I've heard great things about the State.