Monday, June 9, 2008

A week dry camping in the Reno area...

Notice...Notice...Notice... To save a few $ we have changed our telephone service and number. We have one telephone now and the number is:

Now onto our travels...We spent the last week dry camping at Washoe Lake State Park, between Reno and Carson City, NV. Virginia City, NV was a short drive away. Here are some pictures from there.

And here is the view of the Reno area on the drive back down from Virginia City.

One day we went to the Nevada State Museum in Carson City.
This is a painted rock just down the road from our campground. Pretty interesting...

The view of Lake Tahoe from the highway from Reno, where we reached elevations of nearly 9,000 ft!

More Lake Tahoe--

In Reno, we spent over 3-1/2 hours here:

The first RV!

The river runs through the center of Reno.

The first church in Reno--United Methodist--very beautiful.
The view of Washoe Lake and the campground from the top of a hike we took (Deadman's creek trail).
It was an experience dry camping. The campground had restrooms with showers. Each day we ran the generator for a couple of hours to charge the batteries. One of the little white dots just to the right of the center is our Big Sky. And we did some cooking outside, although not as much as we'd have liked because it was quite windy most of the time. We did go into several casinos, twice to have lunch and once into Harrah's in Reno to gamble. We lost the two dollars we bet.


Debbie said...

What is dry camping? I assume it's not "dry" as in no drinking allowed! My guess would be your in a dry climate???

Guy said...

Hi guys...Sure glad for you on the road. Joan remembers how we got on the wrong side of the river in Reno and had a terrible time getting back to the freeway...grin
I'll let you explain to Deb what "dry" camping is...grin again.
Take care and good to see pictures etc on your travels.
bro and bride

Deanna said...

Looks like you're having a great time. Lake Tahoo looks beautiful. Wish we were there!

michelle said...

I think dry camping is when you don't have any hook-ups. Might as well pitch a tent, right?
Sounds like you're havin' fun!

Jen said...

Every year we have a family reunion that is "dry camping". I always thought it meant no alcohol because some branches of our family tree are quite conservative. Last year, my grandma explained it meant you had to bring your own water because there were no hookups...and then opened the fridge in her camper and proceeded to make us cocktails. :)