Sunday, June 22, 2008

In Twin Falls, ID, we rode our bikes along the Snake River canyon (proud of us, Deb?). Here is the Perrine Bridge. We watched a man parachute off the bridge. It was beautiful. Found out later from a fellow cyclist that this is the only bridge in the world where it is legal year round to parachute. Can you see the parachute in the second picture? The local cyclist also told us about a new restaurant on the trail, so we tried it for lunch. Delicious, but way too much food! We had a nice view of the two golf courses on the river. Later we went downtown Twin Falls for their weekly music at the fountain on Wednesday nights. Lucky us. It was the first one of the summer and the band was "Renegade", country. So we got to dance. Even had our picture taken for the local paper, although we don't know if it ever made it into the paper.
The next day we drove to Shoshone Falls (below), the Niagara of the West (although we didn't think it was as pretty as Snoqualmie) Also Twin Falls, but didn't take any pictures there. After a trip to downtown Twin Falls thrift stores for some clothes for Jackie, we loaded CC in the truck and headed for the City of Rocks.

This place is SO incredible! The weather was perfect when we were there -- low 70s.

Can you see the climbers? Evidently this is "the place" to go rock climbing. There were cars from all over there -- Utah, Colorado, Idaho (of course), Nevada, and us. There are beautiful camp sites hidden in the hills, and group sites. We saw tents all over. Thought about Darin and Deanna -- know he would love to be there.

This shot shows you the size of the rock. And they were all over the area -- no wonder they call it city of Rocks! There are two people on the face and one on the top.

That night we didn't get back to the 5th wheel until late, so just had popcorn for dinner (love it).

The next day we drove the Thousand Spring Scenic Byway. It was beautiful with springs coming right out of the hillsides (no pictures). Along the way was this canyon with water coming out of the sides, which flows into the Snake River.

Also along this byway was a portion of the Oregon Trail -- like the California Trail we saw in Nevada. Here is a picture of the ruts from the wagon trains.

We have seen so much history on this trip -- it is great.
Later that night Jackie dragged Dick out to the Montana Steakhouse. They had advertised live music. In spite of the smoking in the lounge, the band was good and dancing great. It was much easier on the legs than the street dancing of a couple of nights earlier. We danced until we couldn't stand the smoke any more and came home.
No pictures of the RV park as it was just an old go-cart track that was all gravel with hook-ups added. Nice people but what a dump. The temp has now gone up to the mid 90s but we hope it will be cooler in Yellowstone. Diesel prices around here range from $4.73 to 4.87 so have spent a lot on fuel.
We are now in Pocatello, Idaho and plan to spend 3 nights and then head up to Yellowstone for a week. We will spread that out at two different parks. We will spend the 4th of July in Montana and then start slowly heading West so will be back in Ephrata some time late July...maybe.


michelle said...

Wow, you can't really get an idea of just how large those rocks are until you click on the picture and see the guy on the top. WOW!

Debbie said...

I have never heard of city of rocks. Looks like a great place to visit. I am proud of you guys and all your biking! When you come visit maybe we can go for a leisurely ride on the local bike trail. I promise, it will be leisurly!

David & Jo-Anna Kikel said...

Hey I hear it's HOT in Idaho. It's been a bit "cool" in Alaska but we're having a ball -- Life is good on the road isn't it????

Keep on having fun......

Jo-Anna and David