Monday, May 19, 2008

The Cove Palisades, OR

This is a view of the lake and coulee from up above the Cove Palisades. We wound down into the coulee, across a bridge and partway up the other side before coming to the campground.
Here is a shot of the moon coming up over the rocks. There are turkey vulture flying around, getting ready to roost for the night in a tree in the park.

Just thought we'd add a picture of CC -- she is still with us. (She didn't much like the high 90degree weather!)

View of the lake at the bottom of the coulee.

The turkey buzzard tree.

In flight, ready to land.

To give an idea of the height of the coulee wall, look for the boat in the water.

Just some pictures of the unique gealogy in the area.


Anonymous said...

wow Dad. Once again, great pix!

Debbie said...

Poor Cece! 90 degrees is hot! I could barely stand 80 over here last Saturday. How was Crater Lake?

mkbailey said...

Cool pics! So glad you are having such a wonderful time. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dick and Jackie, Fun to look at your pictures. I got your cute card today. We'll be heading to Central Ferry tomorrow after work for the week-end. Blessings! G&L